Visit the North West

The Sun City

Deep in the rugged bushveld, in the heart of an ancient volcano, lies the world's most unique resort, the internationally acclaimed Sun City. The Resort has a unique heartbeat and an African rhythm of its own and is unlike any other Resort destination in the world. This is pure fantasy and your every desire is met.

There are four world-class hotels including the magnificent Palace of the Lost City that glitters like a jewel beneath the African sun, brilliant in its rain forest surroundings and luxurious in its detail and design. Adjoining the Resort, is the beautiful Pilanesberg National Park, which will delight game viewers as it is a malaria free zone and home to the "Big 5" (Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino).

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The Southern Region

In a similar vein to the eastern part of the North West Province, the southern region is also predominantly a crop-growing area that produces maize, sunflowers, tobacco, cotton and citrus fruits.

The Southern Region is also the region with the most economic activity – more than 83 percent of the money-making activity of the province takes place between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp. The southern region lies bordering the Free State in the south, and Gauteng to the west, the Vaal River flanking its southern border, and providing a collection of lodges and guest houses for effortless time spent fly fishing and angling, as well as other water activities.

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The Central Region

The central region of the North West Province is dominated by bushveld and savannah plains, the fertile grasslands subject to fields of maize, sunflowers and ground nuts, as well as cattle and game farming.

The Central Region, although apparently flat and dry, is able to sustain farming as it does because of the large volumes of quality water stored in groundwater springs. The central region borders on Botswana, and is an amalgamation of what was once the western Transvaal and Bophuthatswana, dominated by the capital of the province, Mafikeng, and the Groot Marico Bushveld area, an area romanticised in the stories by the author Herman Charles Bosman.

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The Bonajala Region

Regarded as the prettiest region of the North West Province, Bojanala borders on Gauteng.

The Region includes within its boundaries Hartbeespoort Dam, the beautiful Magaliesberg Mountain range, and the Pilanesberg National Park, amongst other attractions, that explains its increasingly popularity with Jo'burgers, who escape here periodically for weekends. A large portion of Bojanala is given over to bushveld and appears at once empty and flat, which accounts for the attraction of the Magaliesberg.

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The Bophirima Region

Marketed as that part of the North West Province to which one can escape and "get closer to nature", Bophirima, the new name for what once was known as Stellaland, has as its major draw cards game farms, vast open spaces, and the discovery of one of the world's most famous fossil discoveries, the Taung skull.

Central to the Bophirima Region is its large agricultural district. Mining and agriculture are the 2 principle economies here, earning it the pseudonym "Texas of South Africa". It's no surprise to learn that this is the region with the least population.

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Hartbeespoort Dam

Roughly 45 minutes' drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, surrounded by the beautiful Magaliesberg mountain range, Hartbeespoort Dam, or Harties to locals, has become a hive of activity and is a very popular weekend getaway for the two cities.

The beauty of Hartbeespoort Dam is what draws people here - the dam literally cradled in the lap of the mountains - and many regard this as a retreat from the concrete jungle of city living. The 1620 hectare Hartbeespoort Dam functions both as a source of irrigation for farms in the area and as a resort, and the peace of the hills and valleys, the warmth even on winter days and the charm of the surrounding countryside, make this a place to restore the soul.

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The rugged bushveld, in the heart of an ancient volcano