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The Capricon Region

Lying in the heart of the Limpopo Province, the Capricorn region is unrivalled for its diverse landscape that combines to form a heady mix of grassy plains, bushveld, mountains shrouded in mist, incredible geological formations, and an equally diverse plant and animal life.

But the Capricorn Region is probably best known for its bushveld. It stretches from the Ysterberg along the lower reaches of the Wolkberg Mountains to the tropic of Capricorn in the north, from whence it gets its name, identified by a geographical landmark along the N1 just north of Polokwane, the major city of the Capricorn region. The area also boasts an assortment of cultural villages, game reserves, forests, dams and San art.

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The Waterberg Region

Known simply as Water Mountain, the blue-hued Waterberg imposingly stretches its full length from Thabazimbi in the south west, to Lapalala River in the north east of the Limpopo Province, supporting a biome of over 15 000 square kilometres.

This rugged clime, where you find very few tarred roads or human interference to mar your visit, is possibly one of the closest to an authentic African savannah experience one can find, if many-faceted Africa can have any one landscape or experience.
The Waterberg is the first region in the north of South Africa identified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the incredible rock formations in evidence were shaped over hundreds of millions of years by riverine erosion.

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The Soutpansberg Region

Lying in the northern part of the Limpopo province, bordering on both Botswana and Zimbabwe, the Soutpansberg Vhembe Region is nothing short of spectacular - the baobab, a familiar symbol that stands resolute among the magnificence of vast expanses of indigenous bush in a land characterised by the myth and legend of the vhaVenda people and awash with the vivid colour of blue skies, a prolific wildlife and seemingly endless opportunities for exploration.

In the west of the Vhembe Region lie the craggy peaks that form the jagged spine of the Soutpansberg or ‘salt pan mountain’, which attributes its name to the giant salt pan on the west side of this range that has been a source of salt for centuries.

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Valley of the Olifants

Travelling east visitors will discover the rich natural heritage of the Lowveld with its claim to fame, the world-famous Kruger National Park. This region differs markedly from the rest of the Limpopo Province and is loved for its scenic valleys, mountains and lush vegetation.
As its name suggests, the Valley of the Olifants region falls in the valley of the great Olifants River that meanders through the Kruger National Park, forming the southern border of the Limpopo province. The valley forms part of the northernmost section of the Drakensberg, and the Lowveld does not end in Mpumalanga, but stretches further north and surrounds many towns in Limpopo.

The rest camps in the northern part of Kruger are part of the province and a series of exclusive private game reserves adjacent to the Park guarantee a luxurious wildlife experience.

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Rich in historical treasures, wildlife, and beautiful scenery and is a haven for outdoor adventures